Renewables should be developed ‘where regional communities want them’

Nov 16, 2021

Local majority say No Hills of Gold Wind FarmHills of Gold Preservation Inc asks the NSW Government to demonstrate its commitment to community consent regarding sensitive siting of renewables.
In the case of Engie’s proposed Hills of Gold Wind Farm it is a choice to preserve a high value conservation ecosystem, or approve further clearing for transporting components, and constructing foundations, wind turbines, operations and maintenance building, substation, battery, transmission line, and switching station.
As local ecologist Phil Spark says, he doesn’t believe in offsetting “at all”, especially in places like in Nundle where the conservation value is high.
“I support renewable energy 100% [but] we’ve got to get it in the right places to have the minimal impact,” he said.
“You destroy what’s there today with the intention of someday regenerating the same habitat.
“You’ve got all those years until that happens and in the meantime species can decline and become locally extinct.”