Nundle Wind Farm Meeting To Be Held Between Department, Residents

Oct 17, 2018

A government department meeting in Nundle on Thursday about a wind farm proposal is “unusual” but welcome, a village resident against the plan has said.

The Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) will meet with the community at Nundle Memorial Hall to discuss the planning process for the proposed Wind Energy Partners development.

Hills of Gold Preservation Group Inc’s (HOGPI) Megan Trousdale said she was “really glad that they’ve come to town and that we have this opportunity, rather than it be delayed any further”.

“The preliminary environmental assessment has not been lodged, so it’s very unusual for the department to come to a community at this stage,” she said.

“However, [its] Wind Energy Guidelines place heavy emphasis on early consultation, so I think this signals that.”

Mrs Trousdale said she expected the meeting, like other community meetings held earlier in the year, would be well-attended, “made up of people who are for, people who are against, and people who are ambivalent or on the fence”.