Nundle vows to fight wind farm proposal

Aug 18, 2018

Hills of Gold Preservation – Nundle, Hanging Rock and Crawney aims to protect the contribution of our existing Great Dividing Range and Liverpool Range landscape to reducing carbon emissions.

Existing native forest and ground cover producing water vapour and helping cool the atmosphere, storing carbon and water in the soil, reducing erosion, contributing to improved soil through humus, bacteria, and fungi, and spring/creek/river health of three catchments (Peel/Namoi, Pages/Hunter, Barnard/Manning), increasing biodiversity, and providing animal habitat.


Proposed wind farm, mining coal for turbine components, clearing trees for road widening and transport of turbine components, construction of turbine foundations, cabling, transmission lines, substation, and concrete plant, consumption of electricity, consumption of fossil fuels in transporting imported turbine components, commuting trades contractors, and operating construction equipment.