Ben Halls Gap Nature Reserve Needs Protecting

Mar 31, 2020

Ben Hall’s Gap Nature Reserve is located in the northern tablelands of NSW at the junction of the Liverpool and Mount Royal Ranges. It is 10km from the township of Nundle. This conservation area has remained relatively undisturbed for centuries and as such; it is an important scientific reference site. The Park features an outstanding area of old growth montane eucalypt forest. Very little logging and grazing have occurred in the park and as a result it has high quality habitat and virtually no weeds. Several plants and animal species exists at Ben Hall’s Gap Nature reserve which are rare or restricted in distribution. Its component plants and animals have biogeographic significance. Ben Hall’s Gap Nature Reserve is listed on the National Register of Estate ID no. 17784. [Source: National Park and Wildlife Services Management Plan & National Register of Estate]

The Wind Turbine site proposed by Wind Energy Partners Pty Limited is neighbouring Ben Hall’s Gap Nature Reserve. Industrial development in this area should fall into the category of “Unsuitable Location” and should not proceed in endangering the conservation of this rare and unique site.

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