Background Briefing story brings attention to clearing for renewables

Dec 14, 2021

Thank you to the many Hills of Gold Preservation – Nundle, Hanging Rock and Crawney members and supporters who sent us a link to the ABC Radio National Background Briefing story, ‘The giant wind farms clearing Queensland bush’.…/queensland-wind…/100683198 and Podcast…/giant-wind-farms…/13670398 We agree with renowned wilderness photographer and environmental campaigner Steve Nowakowski, “this is utter madness, clearing high biodiversity forests for wind farms…it needs to be done in the right places.” French multinational Engie is expected to lodge its Hills of Gold Wind Farm Response to Submissions and Amendments Reports in mid January, then the NSW state government Department of Planning, Industry and Environment will make its Recommendation to approve or reject this proposal, and the Independent Planning Commission will make its Determination. Will you help us stop the clearing of forests predating white settlement for an industrial wind farm in the Hills of Gold? Message us to join Hills of Gold Preservation Inc and stay informed of the assessment process.

Background Briefing, The wind farms angering renewable energy fans

Background Briefing, The wind farms angering renewable energy fans

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