The Hills of Gold Wind Farm DA/EIS is now on public exhibition

If you love living at or visiting Nundle, Hanging Rock, Crawney and Timor please read the proposed Hills of Gold Wind Farm DA/EIS and state your objection during the public exhibition period from December 2nd, to Friday January 29th.

This is potentially the most significant change to the Nundle landscape since European settlement and the gold rush.

Please click here to view The Hills of Gold Wind Farm DA/EIS and look for the Make a Submission button. 

A Submission of one sentence is more important than no sentence, so please don’t feel overwhelmed by the volume of information in the EIS.

We encourage you to speak from your personal experience, your connection to the area, what you value and what you want to see protected.

Hills of Gold Preservation Inc members will staff a COVID-safe office in Jenkins Street, Nundle during the exhibition period to display personal and public photomontages, proposed transport routes, and assist with submissions (hours to be publicised). Direct Message us if you need help.

The proposed Hills of Gold Wind Farm is not a choice between fossil fuels and renewables, but a choice about environmentally sensitive siting of renewables.

The NSW Energy Infrastructure Roadmap and Electricity Infrastructure Investment Bill 2020 identify the significance of community consent for proposed developments.

The majority of the Nundle and Hanging Rock communities have signed petitions opposing the proposed Hills of Gold Wind Farm and do not want to destroy the environment to save the environment.

If you wish to submit a hard-copy letter to the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, please download, print and use this objection letter template.

Please note, you must send your hard-copy objection in time for the Department to receive it by the 29th January 2021. 


Help save the Hills of Gold from 78 wind turbines at
Nundle / Hanging Rock / Crawney Mountain / Timor


Hills of Gold Preservation Incorporated is an Incorporated Association and it aims to give residents and landholders a collective voice with local, state and federal government in opposing Wind Energy Partners Pty Ltd’s proposed Hills of Gold Energy Wind Farm at Hanging Rock, on the Great Dividing Range, near Tamworth, NSW.


Advocate on behalf of Nundle, Hanging Rock and Crawney communities.


Protect the environment (water, soil, flora, fauna) of the area around Nundle, Hanging Rock, and Crawney.


Lobby local, state and federal governments regarding proposed wind farm.


Regular meetings to discuss issues surrounding the proposed wind farm.

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Hills of Gold Preservation



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